The income from work does not depend on your real value (training, skills, experiences), but on the value that you transmit and perceive by the context in which you operate.

The context

It is essential to be aligned with this because it is clear that Messi is good in football and not in tennis or Tiger Wood in golf and not in motoring.

This is another aspect that most people have unclear and which is instead decisive.

For example, anything Messi has done in football has much more value than in any other context, as does Tiger Wood in golf. They would never have had any value out of context, so they are very careful where they spend their working hours.

The temptation of all, having reflected on this, is to immediately change the context by imagining that there is another who appreciates us more. In reality, it would be very probably a wrong move. First, it is also necessary to consider the personal ability to enter into assonance with the context in which you operate, whatever it may be. Without this ability, which results from conscious training, every move would be without benefits.

It is more helpful to commit to maximizing income in the current context, and only when you are a master of how to do it will you be ready to leap. It is a slow process. What matters is to start, acquiring consciously, vision and method ..

Good job!

This unconventional course, originally in Italian, has been translated with a machine translation. We adopt this choice in favor of those who, using Artificial Intelligence, work to eliminate the misunderstandings between peoples that linguistic differences have always generated over the centuries. These walls have given rise to endless wars, with pain and suffering on all sides. Conflicts still exist today, but the hope is that technology will soon help humans understand each other. The automatic translators that AI improves every day are the protagonists of this communicative facilitation that helps overcome barriers. The invitation is to use automatic translators to provide additional data to contribute to their improvement process based on “learning by translating”.