Build your future, today

People need to complement new income. Trading can be the tool.

Technology must provide support to overcome cultural discrimination.

MPW helps people to know how to build a future even on the side of the lack of income.

We created a daily algorithm for profitable and simplified trading, suitable for everyone.

Most people prefer results to competences (forgetting that without that, you can’t have those).

To satisfy the general sentiment, we have created a financial wellness permanent course that shows results first.

It is based on results in order to stimulate people’s curiosity to understand how finance works and deepen it.

Learning by viewing: with the aim to spread financial knowledge, we  adopted this unconventional method to meet people’s expectations.

The course accompanies the subscriber to give value to basic knowing as an essential tool for the defense of quality of life.

Therefore, it is focused on the strategic aspects rather than the technicalities that are now widely available on the web, to build a solid future..

Who we are

Alex Tei

Alex Tei

Over 50 years of business and finance experience

When Covid arrived, I decided to follow the give-back movement and leave my comfort zone to put my long experience of over 50 years of broad and varied activity available to those who needed it. Especially young people who find themselves facing a much more unpredictable and different reality than their grandparents and their parents at their age. I observe that there is not an adequate knowledge of finance which is indispensable for having a satisfactory quality of life. I decided to focus on this aspect. I created an innovative training system based on the practical application’s observation to make the learning process permanent and essential, which arouse curiosity and push to deepen.
During my life, I have observed young people’s main problems that affect the quality of life: to ensure their children’s education and the prospect of a peaceful retirement. They are real problems because many people cannot save how much it would take. The training solution I propose consists of creating favorable conditions for generating small funds permanently, which then everyone can grow independently over the years, combining time and compound interest. I decided to take care only of the first part of the solution. For the second part, I suggest how to do it, but you must choose an expert advisor. If this solution will be used for years, there should be both money for the children and the pension when needed. To create a tool potentially to generate small, continuous funds, I combined my passion for mathematics with my finance experience. I took the stock market as a basis and created an algorithm that identifies, every day, some bundles up to 10 stocks to observe, valid only for that day and sell in the evening. Day by day is to avoid people’s anxiety. This process could generate small numbers that, over time, become a mountain (the anecdote of wheat grains?). To make it easier to implement the solution and avoid discrimination against non-yet-experts, I have also created a platform that, as an external and open-source free service, for those who wish, automates the relationship with their trusted broker. To fine-tune the algorithm and create the platform, I involved a talented young engineer I have known for some time and have complete confidence in. His contribution was decisive in many respects, and together, we did a great job: MPW is already operational and adequately tested. In this phase, the algorithm extracts the stocks only from the New York Stock Exchange, but all the leading world stock exchanges are on the program. In the project, we paid attention to the ethical aspects. I’m not a professional trader, or consultant, or legal.

Matteo Mazzoni

Matteo Mazzoni

Over 15 years in the IT world

I love technology, that’s the reason why I had not esitation when I had to choose my college studies. Nevertheless, I always intended the IT benefits truly positive only when coupled with a deep human purpose.

My technology knowledge covers many topics, from web development to IoT, from network security to firmware development. Despite of this, I think I still have much to learn (about life, mainly..)

I worked as an employer, a freelance, finally I’ve been running a tech company I funded a few years ago.

When Alex, that I met many years ago, talked to me about his idea, asking me to partner as a tech expert, I saw the opportunity to finally focus my tech skills on a human initiative. I was finally involved in creating something that could help people of my age, or even younger, dealing with the hard situation we’re living because of Covid. A situation that badly exposes our future and the economical welfare of our children.

So I gladly joined the team, giving my time and knowledge in building a software infrastructure that could be really usefull.

We’re working hard on a tool, easy to use and availlable allover the world, with a business strategy that reduces costs by involving customers in a direct word of mount with just two friends. So we made a win-win process, allowing customers to achieve up to 100% refund of theis subscription fees, (so they can use it for free) while helping MPW in a proximity market activity, with positive brawbacks.

The social part of this project is the one motivating me most, and there are near future plans of making it usefull to empower women employment and NPO.