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My Private Welfare


People need better life quality.

We innovate people’s experience in increasing their steady income.


The power of MPW

  • is unusual research to care for social needs
    Everywhere in the world, most under-40s do not have enough income to save as they would like for the emergencies of life and the distant future. Or for immediate needs.
  • reverses unfavorable situations
    The difference between rich and poor is also because the former can save for the long term, while the latter is mainly forced to focus on the short term. It is also a matter of awareness and know-how. All this is the focus of MPW: to accompany people to create the conditions form more income, to set aside as they need.
  • creates original solutions
    With the insights of MPW, people will respond to their needs by generating growth and quality of life. We are working on how to guide people to generate more income simply by enhancing their current training, competence, and experience.
  • quests to become the Financial Lifeline Utility.
    We operate in a plurality of directions: rewards, passive, active, health, and portfolio to bring together the solutions sought for the needs of the mass market.

The state of the art

We have already activated 5 tools to increase income and people’s wealth. Our 360 ° research work continues to add more utilities for subscribers. We are proud of the automatic tool of our search for passive income relating to day trading. We use Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to produce daily forecast data for the NYSE, which continuously records high-profile quality and quantity. The data can be used with any broker.

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Passive Profitability

We are working on generating new passive income with the web and channels available today. We are researching innovation on cashback, landing, data renting, webspace renting, and trading sources.
About the latter, we have focused on day trading in an unconventional perspective to make available an automatable tool suitable for everyone. It is turnkey; it requires neither time nor work nor, above all, any skills.
We have minimized the risks and made it subscribe & forget to overcome users’ cultural discrimination due to insufficient financial training.
Since the end of 2020, we have been producing forecast data (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) that are the engine for different verticals that satisfy a plurality of needs common to the generality of people.
Our data is published for real-time execution. We publish the absolute performances at the end of each session, together with those at 30 and 90 days.
Also, in real-time, we publish the Sharpe index and the comparison with the S & P500 index that we have chosen as the benchmark. Historical data and one and a plurality of in-depth tables are always available.
In the long run, we understand that day trading is not successful, but it can be in the short term. Our strategy makes use of our algorithm limited to a single trading session, with the invitation to the user to then invest any surplus in the traditional way (monthly provision, S&P 500, compound interest, diversification, protecting himself by learning finance ) by being accompanied over time by an expert consultant.


Active Income

  • It is profitable to maximize the income from work because people with the same training, skills, and experience often have different gains.
  • To generate additional income and then keep it permanently high over time, you need to know how to do it.
  • MPW Growth Mindset for (Current) Job Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions for having a permanently high additional income.

Second Income

  • It is profitable to generate income even when a person is not actively involved (no work, nor time) because often people do not take advantage of this channel.
  • MPW Daytrading Best-Stocks Bulletin (published by fully automatable through M8R as a connection platform  to Alpaca broker (IG, Degiro, etc. soon) or MetaTrader4 integration to any broker.
  • MPW Refund & Rewards Program for additional friends subscribe (unlimited), monthly, MPW will pay you 36 $ for each of them (we gladly pay our marketing costs to you).
  • Cashback from any web channel (e-commerce, cards, banks, etc.), small amounts that over the years will be of great help.
  • Walking rewards for every step

Reward Income

  • We started with ourselves by setting up a Refund Program to allow all subscribers to recover the cost of the monthly subscription simply by having two friends subscribe.
  • We have also added the Rewards Program to allow those friends who have more or can count on a small or large community to have a continuous monthly income.
  • For MPW, it means passing to the subscriber the saved marketing costs to the subscriber to find new subscribers.
  • In addition, to further enhance this word of mouth, the subscriber will earn even if her friends will also make their friends subscribe. It is not a multilevel, but just a robust member-gets-member limited to friends and friends of friends.

Health Income

  • Health generates income because it allows us not to have appreciable energy deficits and therefore to be able to have maximum linearity in the things that interest us.
  • It also generates income because it makes us perceived as reliable, functional people and this adds value in the context in which we have decided to operate.
  • MPW Health Value Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions to have the best possible.

Portfolio Income

  • It is profitable to optimize the structure, risks, and performance of the savings progressively set aside to have additional income to build a solid distant future. Often the same figures give different results.
  • MPW Financial-Wellness Best Strategies Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions to have the best possible.

My Private Welfare shares information for educational purposes to enhance people’s financial culture and have immediate benefits.

Basic Advice

Then it’s up to you

MPW does not do finance; it does training focused on enhancing income to cancel the longevity risk while saving more.

You need to find an expert financial advisor who will accompany you for years regarding the investment of your savings.

The vast majority of people did not have a school system that provided a path of financial education that would help them understand how to manage the part of life linked to money consciously.

Without this training, it is challenging to achieve the maximum by operating correctly instead. The risk is of delaying or even failing to achieve the life goals you save and always the result of sacrifices.

Therefore, it is essential to choose an expert consultant who will accompany you throughout the journey of financial growth.

Step 1 – take control of your finances by knowing every single aspect. It is the starting phase of savings.
Step 2 – focus on investments by refining knowledge. It is the phase of accumulation of savings and the creation of capital.
Step 3 – The process of creating savings is there. Financial knowledge, too, is the phase of investment optimization.

Make sure you choose your expert advisor carefully.

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