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Immediately, without having to do anything, you gain acces to..

1 – Daily stock forecast – Every day you will find in the reserved area, for each of the 4 strategies, a bundle with up to 10 potentially profitable stocks for that day (push notifications available on various channels – BETA).
2 – Training area – You have access to all the texts of the permanent course to know how to create the optimal conditions for your wellness finance. –
3 – Historical data – By clicking on a data you have access to the available history.
4 – Refund area – receive the referral link to have refunded 50% or 100% of the cost of the subscription (see below how it happens)

Immediately, you can choose how to have daily results

A – working personally

Take advantage of the bundles you receive daily by doing a very simple trading: through your broker, you enter 15 minutes after the opening of the stock exchange session and exit 30 minutes after closing.


B – delegating operations

Automate operations by connecting the bundles flow that you receive daily with the account you have with a broker only once. In a few minutes you have done everything.



Whatever your choice, you are entirely liquid every night and you will be able to check if results align with your expectations.
The operation with the broker is always totally external to MPW, and we remind you that you can interrupt or reactivate it at any time. In any case, you will continue to have access to your reserved area and to receive the bundles until the end of the month for which the subscription was paid.


MPW's goal is to be as accurate as possible on both the predictions and the course texts so that subscribers can get the results they are looking for in the simplest way possible. There is no infallibility but the constant search for strong compression of the potential risk. Everyone can further reduce it in the operational phase by aligning it with their own risk sensitivity (example: stop-loss). Also, you can always count on

Automating operations through M8R platform

(suggested for non-experts)

Simplified procedure for the following brokerage platforms:

Soon other platforms will be supported!

Alpaca broker


Must have:

Alpaca account (free)

Alpaca is the next-generation broker. It features a commissin free API, and a developer friendly environment. We’re going to use Alpaca’s connections on M8R in order to make a real experience out of MPW’s data

Activation quickstart

Use a specific M8R template to easily automate your daily operations!
We at MPW already prepared all the necessary automations you an run on M8R in order to automate operations on MPW’s suggested symbols. You’ll find a few ‘Template’ available on M8R for you to use.

1. Register and login on M8R

You’ll need a valid email.

After your registration, you’ll have to verify your email before logging in for the first time.

2. Click this applet to start

In the page that will open, start the automation configuration using the COPY AND USE button (when logged in) or LOGIN TO START USING IT (when not logged yet).

3. Insert your credentials in order to read data from MPW

– API Key: use your username
– API Secret: generate a  Application Password

You just need to use your data or create them once forever

4. Insert your credentials in order operate through your broker (e.g. Alpaca)

Your credentials are generated by your broker, you can find them in your dashboard

Click on the VIEW button in order to view or regenerate your credentials

When you choose to regenerate your keys, you’ll see the secret

Populate your M8R form:
– API Key: use Alpaca’s API Key ID
– API Secret: use Alpaca’s Secret Key


5. Enable your automation!

Go back to your M8R dashboard and turn on the ENABLED switch on your automation

6. Enjoy! Your work is done

Now you can spend your time on the things you love.

Later, when you want to change MPW strategy:

Open your M8R dashboard  and modify automation configuration

Later, when you want to disable the automation:

Open your M8R dashboard and disable applets

What about my data?

M8R will ask you  act as a delegate through MPW and the broker (Alpaca or others). You’ll not share you credential with M8R just a authorization token you can invalidate whenever you want. This authorization is accomplished leveranging state of the art security protocols and encryption mechanisms.


Automating operations through MetaTrader

Must have:

MetaTrader4 installation (free)

MetaTrader4 is the leading brokerage platform and supporta hundreds among the major brokers worldwide. Every broker provides a custom made MT4 setup, and installation is very straightforward. Whether you’re an experienced trader or not, MetaTrader4 has the right features to support your trading activities.

Activation quickstart

We at MPW already prepared a custom made script (aka Expert Advisor). That you can just download and use with your MPW account.

1. Download and install MPW’s expert advisor for MetaTrader4

Download is available here and will be accessible only after you fullfilled your subscription

2. Modify your EA and fill required params

– API Key: use your username
– API Secret: generate a  Application Password
– Screener: use one of our best strategy name

You just need to use your data or create them once forever

3. Launch the Expert Advisor and let it do the rest!

Now you can spend your time on the things you love.