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* Stock daily performance ** MPW’s strategy (involves time constraints upon opening/closing positions)


Please note – every day a bundle of at most 10 stocks, taken from NYSE, and potentially profitable for the current day is released. Only two actions are supposed to be made: open position at the time specified by the chosen strategy, close positions 30 minutes before market closes.
Operativity is referred to the whole daily bundle, equally shared, in terms of invested money, among the stocks.

Chart depicts the algebraic sum of daily results of latest 90 days from a given date (simple regime).

Since we’re only focused on day trading, we work between market open and close time.

Calculation is brought up as depicted above:

A4S’s bulletin* – yellow line – percentage delta of market open and close price

Current strategy – green line – percentage delta of price at strategy open time and price at 30 minutes before market close time.

S&P500 – red line – percentage delta of index prime at market open and close time

*A4S (Algo4Stocks) is the MPW’s tool for passive income

Cumulative gains (date - 3 months)

Cumulative gains (date - 1 month)

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