The income from work does not depend on your real value (training, skills, experiences) but on the value that is perceived by the reference context.

The perceived value

It is the value that people attach to you and that perception determines, directly or indirectly, how much they are willing to pay you. It depends on how they sense how well you can respond to their needs.

This applies to both an employee and a self-employed job. Your ability to convey value is the constant that affects your income in many ways throughout your working life.

Know why and how this happens

Therefore, it is key to know the dynamics of how the communication of value occurs, which is never totally objective. Indeed it is highly manageable if you know the dynamics. Someone succeeds spontaneously, but those who do not have this gift can learn how to do it, first of all by gaining awareness.


Therefore, the income from work depends on the mental attitude with the same objective value (training, skills, experiences), that is to say, on the overall vision that has become its own and others can perceive that.

Get behind the wheel

This course helps you to move from living your life guided by circumstances external to you, like on a bus, to leading your life, like in a Ferrari: from passenger to driver. It is a significant change resulting from the acquired awareness that will also be evident to those who work with you. At the same time, keep your competitive characteristics unchanged.

A long trip

The course accompanies you in the first phase of awareness to be acquired and then in the phases of change to engage a permanent process to aim higher and higher.

Suppose this does not seem relevant to someone. In that case, the invitation is to carefully watch some videos with extended interviews with successful people and consider how much they have a different vision from yours, therefore not the only possible one. This pushes you to learn more and start a reflection and awareness process. Over time, to acquire the awareness that you can guide your life, but only a clear vision of who you are and what you want. Just what this course accompanies you to do.

Good job!

This unconventional course, originally in Italian, has been translated with a machine translation. We adopt this choice in favor of those who, using Artificial Intelligence, work to eliminate the misunderstandings between peoples that linguistic differences have always generated over the centuries. These walls have given rise to endless wars, with pain and suffering on all sides. Conflicts still exist today, but the hope is that technology will soon help humans understand each other. The automatic translators that AI improves every day are the protagonists of this communicative facilitation that helps overcome barriers. The invitation is to use automatic translators to provide additional data to contribute to their improvement process based on “learning by translating”.