A permanent flow of valuable updates makes you aware of how you can raise your income from work (without increasing the hours) and then push it as high as possible, given your training, competence, experience.

Constantly adjusting your income from work to the highest possible level is essential to put yourself in a position to set aside more.  

This course is textual to go beyond simple knowledge and develop competence through reflection and rereading the written text. Today the smartphone allows you to do it anywhere. The videos are more static; the texts are faster to update and more meditative by people.

Your goal is not to master the details but to become aware of the dynamics to have a clear idea of the most suitable strategy to reap the most significant benefits and profits possible. This is the deciding skill for the one-shot of your Longevity Risk challenge.

  • You better take a trip to the future.

However the world evolves, your essential needs will always be in the real world. So having the money you need when you are old will be indispensable; Oscar Wilde summed it up nicely at the time “When I was young I believed that the most important thing was money, now that I’m old I know it’s true.”

To better understand this aspect, you should take a trip into the future, searching the web for texts or videos of what older people think about the relationship between money and the quality of life they can afford.

You will conclude that it is time that you have to act, and the course accompanies you to do it on the first lever you have available: active income, taking advantage of your current characteristics.

  • How to avoid discrimination

The world is full of people with different earnings while having very similar characteristics and potential.

This depends on how the person is perceived, secondarily on her characteristics (training, skills, experiences). The course’s primary objective is how to understand the dynamics of how this happens and know how to exploit them ..

  • The method

This is an unconventional and permanent course, two essential characteristics for it to be effective for you.

Unconventional because it is textual and consists of several briefs that focus on crucial aspects, to be consulted repeatedly from the smartphone, on which to reflect to make them entirely yours.

Permanent because it must produce effects throughout life and therefore, the focuses must be kept up to date, explored from other angles, developed in parallel with the changing world.

The course then starts a path that aims to maximize income from work, not to be forced but to be supported throughout life.

  • The dynamics of earned income

This course accompanies subscribers to become fully aware of the dynamics that regulate income from work, where the value attributed in the reference context in which one operates is always paid.

This means that if I work to raise my perceived value, my earned income tends to adjust.

  • The perceived value

But how do you go about raising your perceived value?

First of all, it is a question of having clear whether it is the context that you do not appreciate enough. Therefore it is positive to change the context, or it is I who do not transmit value to my context and therefore, I have to enhance the perception I give.

The course is not concerned with the actual value of a person (training, skills, experiences), but only with what is perceived of him and which determines his income from work.

We all know capable people who earn less than less talented people but know how to pose better. It is proof that income is generally more linked to the perception of a person than its real value.

  • A world of opportunity

Becoming aware of these dynamics and the strategies to maximize the income from work immediately opens up a world of opportunities to be exploited, where before you saw a blocked scenario.

  • Throughout your working life

The final result will depend on how you pursue the goal with the methods learned from the course. It is helpful to introduce them slowly and progressively to transform them into a habitual behavior of constantly verifying how it is possible to raise the perceived value.

Good job!

The alternative is:

1 – do nothing, thus giving up doing something that is within your reach: sell your work better. In essence, it is acceptable to continue selling out.

2 – Starting a secondary job provides predictable income based on hours worked. Driving for uber is a perfect example of a side job.

3 – Starting a side business provides you with a scalable income: you are not guaranteed to earn a penny, but there is no limit to the earning potential. Creating your website or selling a digital product would be an excellent example of a side business.

Points 2 and 3 require an increase in working hours and therefore are not relevant to our goal of increasing your value without increasing the hours.

Point 3 can only make sense if a person wants to test an alternative business. He can then transfer his entire industry, but initially, this only makes sense if the period is limited; otherwise, it falls under point 2. 

Good job!

This unconventional course, originally in Italian, has been translated with a machine translation. We adopt this choice in favor of those who, using Artificial Intelligence, work to eliminate the misunderstandings between peoples that linguistic differences have always generated over the centuries. These walls have given rise to endless wars, with pain and suffering on all sides. Conflicts still exist today, but the hope is that technology will soon help humans understand each other. The automatic translators that AI improves every day are the protagonists of this communicative facilitation that helps overcome barriers. The invitation is to use automatic translators to provide additional data to contribute to their improvement process based on “learning by translating”.