Did you know?
Now you can automate MPW
with MetaTrader and your favourite broker


Must have:

MetaTrader4 installation (free)

MetaTrader4 is the leading brokerage platform and supporta hundreds among the major brokers worldwide. Every broker provides a custom made MT4 setup, and installation is very straightforward. Whether you’re an experienced trader or not, MetaTrader4 has the right features to support your trading activities.

Activation quickstart

We at MPW already prepared a custom made script (aka Expert Advisor). That you can just download and use with your MPW account.

1. Download and install MPW’s expert advisor for MetaTrader4

Download is available here and will be accessible only after you fullfilled your subscription

2. Modify your EA and fill required params

– API Key: use your username
– API Secret: generate a  Application Password
– Screener: use one of our best strategy name

You just need to use your data or create them once forever

3. Launch the Expert Advisor and let it do the rest!

Now you can spend your time on the things you love.