Taking the example of the container (our body irreparably destined to lose value over time) and the content (our mind instead potentially destined to increase in value over time). The mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by a person. It is a mental attitude, a way of thinking that affects the state of mind, the way we act, and how we might perceive from around us and, therefore, in the workplace.

The mindset is determined by the social context in which one lived from birth, from the training received, the skills acquired, and the experiences gained. Today, a sum accumulated throughout life produces the current mindset as an output.

Generally, people do not realize that they have not chosen them to be as they are and that external factors have determined their mental attitude. Fortunately, the mindset can be modified and evolved (see subsequent chapters), as long as you become aware of it and know how to do it. The problem is that people generally do not know this and therefore struggle for a lifetime in situations of severe discomfort that could be easily solved, if only they knew how to change the perspective.

Obviously, the mindset also has value at work, so it is advisable to optimize it to produce the best possible result. On this side, we will see how it is convenient to manage your mindset, progressively modifying it to maximize the value in the context where you have chosen to operate.

This chapter aims to make people aware that there is a mindset, what it is, and how it is possible to act to upgrade it (it is almost a technical process). It resembles the world of computer programs; the current one is the result of life’s experiences to date, but if you want, you can install the convenient updates. Just like we do with your smartphone and your favorite apps.

Knowing that it can be done opens up very promising scenarios, which must then be pursued with dedication. So earning more with work is possible: it is enough to harmonize your mindset with the expectations of those who have to pay you (employer if you are an employee or a client if you are independent),

This is an everyday learning process. The first step is to understand that there is a lot of value for you if you only reflect on what it means to maximize your income while remaining firm with your training, skills, and experiences. The theme is not just learning from this course but putting it into practice in your life, which means overcoming all those mental blocks and conditions that you often don’t even know you have and which are the result of unconscious life. Therefore, the theme is to move to a conscious life and consequently assume the most advantageous behaviors.

Because it often happens to see men and women who, from their business, consistently bring out the exact figures. Whether it’s 1k, 2k or 5k or 10k it doesn’t matter.

The point of the speech is that these people fail to scale their business and seem “calibrated” on specific results. They are stuck; whatever they do, their earnings don’t change.

Why does this happen? And above all .. how can the problem be solved?

Whatever they do, their results don’t change.

Each of us has an autopilot. Like with planes, you set a route and the pilot takes you to the intended destination.

Whatever happens, any turbulence or deviation, the autopilot returns to the entered coordinates.

This autopilot is called mindset and the good news is that it can be deactivated, changing its parameters to make them functional to be achieved, even at work.