The nature of a person’s mindset at a given moment in his life results from all kinds of experiences he had from birth to that moment. Therefore, it is evident that if he were born 1,000 kilometers away or lived in a different social context, that person’s mindset would be different.

If a person changes country and returns after 3 years, he will realize that his way of thinking and habits will have changed compared to the people he left behind. This mutually happens naturally, but it shows how the mindset can change. So without a changing country, you can cause a change of mindset that is functional to a goal. Not only that, but you can also speed up the process.

All this is possible if you are fully aware that you can move from a mindset immediately to a managed mindset. It is possible to start a functional path to a goal through voluntary procedures. For example, making people perceive the more excellent value of themselves in the workplace to cause an increase in income as a result (the context is willing to pay more), even with the same training, competence, experience.

Awareness requires reflection and focus throughout the process to make the process fruitful. The current mindset is focused on the results you are getting right now; to have different results, you need to change the mindset. Ignoring the dynamics of the themes of the mindset and its reprogramming means always returning to the starting point.

To simplify, it is helpful to technicalize the change steps to reach the goal without much effort. Overall, the following topics will be touched upon over time:

  • How to reprogram your subconscious belief systems
  •  How to reschedule your relationship with money
  •  How to neutralize toxic relationships/experiences
  • How to set and manage your goals with neuroscience hacks
  • How to consistently keep your perceived value high in the context that interests you

Everything will be exposed in a simple way so that anyone can have real results. In the next chapter, we will begin by indicating a strategy that anyone can apply, carefully managing the various phases.

Good luck!