For a course to generate effective results, the person must believe in it. Otherwise, the change does not happen. First of all, he must come to feel deserving for this to happen. You have to leave your comfort zone for every change, which is not comfortable for anyone. Everyone has many resistances, conscious and unconscious. Only a firm trust in whoever delivers it allows them to be overcome.

For this course, we are aware that there can be no such trust, since we have probably met on the web for a short time, and therefore we had to come up with an alternative that would lead to the same result, however: to demonstrate that MPW can be trusted.

The Day-Trading Best-Stocks Bulletin and the tool for Passive Income also serve to demonstrate, with the strength of its performances and the complete transparency of the results over time, how reliable and unconventional we are. We are producers of facts, results and our courses to maximize Active Income and Portfolio Income, which have the same imprinting.

At the same time, we are distant from financial advice where it is mainly essential how much is the capital to manage and everyone has their religion. MPW has a more secular, more cultural vision of the distant future problem, aimed more towards the mass of people, those who run the most longevity risk. Assuring everyone, ethically, the same results.