Greta is a media phenomenon. Well built. But it works: it’s a global risk communication scheme that has finally made a dent in the media. Alarming reactions from many parts demonstrate this. No ecological movement has so far managed to upset the establishment. It is clear that the ‘Greta movement’ cannot solve anything, but since she has been there, the public attention is more significant and this is a fact …

The operations of discredit that hit it show that it is a political problem and of those who have the power to influence it. It is enough to ask from whom young people have learned their bad habits to take away from criticism. It is decidedly simplistic to attribute full responsibility to those who raise a problem that for some time has never been considered in its enormous importance.

It must be recognized that the children who listen to Greta, even with the smartphines and McDonald’s that adults have provided them, have sensed that there is a fatal risk that the generation currently commands, has never wanted to admit.

Maybe some surprises await us. Probably these guys will soon understand how it is necessary to change the model of planetary development. Give them time, let them grow and study,

However, it would be ungenerous to forget that there are already those who rationally tackle the problem (which is of enormous complexity) and work to solve it. We are not at zero; there is a process already activated for some years and growing, to which thousands and thousands of people dedicate themselves every day.

Furthermore, hope comes to us from the past; humanity has faced even worse disasters if compared to the technologies of every era: the millenarians have always preached the end of the world (with a decent following, as Greta seems to have), for luckily there have been those who, in silence, have made knowledge progress, so much so that we are still hereā€¦ it will be like this again this time.

Anyhow the future that awaits the new generations is complex because the ecological transition will probably have social costs that are difficult to predict and will be equally challenging to manage in addition to the needs of growing countries that aspire to a Western-style quality of life. It won’t be very easy for everyone.

Hence the importance for everyone to build a private welfare as soon as possible. It will be useful when, during life, he will be forced to live on an income (temporary loss of work or pension). Facilitating this process is the mission of MPW