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People prefer to have results before learning competence

MPW satisfies people


  • TRADERS, tired of losing money, eager to have statistical success, increase profitability, and avoid spending the whole day in front of a PC
  • PEOPLE, who want to activate an extra earning channel and therefore are taking their first steps in the financial world, trying to become familiar with trading safely

NYSE Daytrading Best-Stocks BULLETIN


Mindset Unconventional Course


Financial-Wellness Unconventional Course


Partner with us to start earning monthly recurring commissions. 

Our aim is to help traders succeed.

Join us now and refer your clients to a results driven subscription service.


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Our affiliate program allows you to promote our products and gain commission for that (subscription + monthly recurring).

Continue reading below and you will learn how it works and how to become one of our affiliates.


thank you for your interest in promoting MPW – the real solution your happy customers were looking for.

  • MPW is not like many other products that only promise and leave you alone, especially in trading. MPW helps subscribers increase their profitability regardless of what their proficiency is and what trading style they have.
  • Unlike ebooks or downloadable software, nobody can share MPW. It is very reliable for both subscribers and affiliates; no piracy is possible.
  • MPW is a sophisticated online application suitable for anyone because you can automate it, so there is nothing to do but wait for results, day by day.

MPW is not a remote bot, a broker or a trading platform, but an algorithm that everyday extracts 4 bundles of stocks (up to 10), potentially profitable on the New Your Stock Exchange (see results of the last 30 days website). 


MPW publish a NYSE Daytrading Best-Stocks BULLETIN for its subscribers + an Mindset Unconventional Course  + a  Financial-Wellness Unconventional Course ( 

Pricing Details

Real Product (improve profitability) + Affordable Price = High Conversion


Price policy for Subscribers

  • Product: access to our “Unconventional Financial-welness Permanent Course” exclusive content, including 4 daily bundles and historical algorithm data (when stock-exchanges are open). Daily early notification.
  • Billing frequency: monthly
  • Activation: payment
  • Deactivation: simply stop your payments
  • Initial refund policy: within 30 days of the first payment
  • Total refund credit each month
  • No fees on the results of your investments
  • Automation services included
  • All prices include VAT

Under 25

0 $

as subscription for 12 months

Over 25


as monthly subscription

(see Refunding Policy)

Refunding Policy

Level 1
(top level)

Level 2
(entry level)

First 30 days fully refundable

for Subscribers



(36$ refunded for each friend – max 2 friends)

With 2 friends subscribed

With 1 friend subscribed


Commission policy for Affiliates


You can quickly go above $ 20k per month with your community.

Effortlessly because everyone is looking for passive income!


How it works

– Level 1 – $ 24,00 for each new subscriber, repeated every month for as long as the subscription is active.

– Level 2 – $ 24,00 for each new subscriber of a Level 1 subscriber, repeated every month for as long as the subscription is active.


– A – With just 10 new subscribers friends, your monthly income is $ 240.00. If your community generates of 100 memberships in total, your monthly income grows to $ 2,400.00.

– B – If each of your subscribers has, in turn, 10 friend subscribers in total, your monthly income is $ 240.00 + $ 2,400.00 = 2,640.00 if you have 10 direct subscribers at Level 1, but if you have 100 becomes $ 26,400.00, monthly.



– Always calculated on 2 levels, gross of taxes ($ 288,00 per year – 12 months, each subscription)

– There is no monthly production to be done

– The Affiliate must not buy anything, ever

– Your earnings are calculated on the total subscription and paid on the 5th of each month

– Your earnings are unlimited. They last as long as the subscriptions are paid

Easier recruiting

– Each of your Level 1 subscribers will in turn, have the same earnings

– Same for Level 2 ones. It just depends on how many subscriptions they activate.

– And so on.

Easy isn’t it?

Affiliation Details


It’s all effortless!

Tell us your affiliation request (

We send you your referral link and the digital form where you enter the data for the payment of commissions.

You are already operational!

From that moment on, any paid subscription coming from your operation or indirectly from your community will generate recurring commissions for you; without expiration, as long as they are active.


Promotional Materials





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 Subject: Will there be a trading algorithm that doesn’t keep you in front of the pc and gives safe results? Suitable for everyone?


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Trading platform
Passive income
Stock Exchange

Key points

  • We are always revenue and not a cost.
  • Highest Success Rate.
  • Works 24/7. Any Timezone.
  • Fits Around Any Schedule.
  • Many bundles up 10 stocks Every Day
  • No Setup.
  • Perfect for Beginners!
  • FREE Support
  • FREE Updates 
  • We are not a remote bot, nor a broker or a trading platform


Why is this offer so brilliant?

Many people have financial difficulties! Traders tired of losing money and people economically devastated by the Covid-19 crisis need a survival life jacket, useful for everyone, even non-experts!

People are looking for creative ways to make money and luckily we got them covered! With MPW anyone can benefit from the crisis by following a Simple Step-By-Step Strategy that actually works! 

While many people are left out of work, homeless or even worse, your audience can profit during this crisis and beyond!

The internet is flooded with low-quality products that don’t deliver on their promises. Forget about promoting junk products that only give you high refund rates. MPW is the real authentic deal!

Your audience will thank you for promoting this high-quality offer to solve their problems while generating huge commissions. This is a win-win situation!


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This offer is fine-tuned with the current global events, and tailored to the economic backlash of Covid-19. The angle is guaranteed to grab people’s attention and keep their interest!


Please Remember 

that by becoming an affiliate of MPW, 

you agree not to spam, period.


We consider our affiliates as our partners. Your success means our success. We will do our best to support you for our mutual success.

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looking for increasing their profitability 

is going to make you a lot of money!



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