The world is complex and we risk living adapted to circumstances for the entire duration of life. The fact is that we are not aware that there is always a better route to be set. And that it is not sought. Discovering them and optimizing it means going from undergoing life to guiding it.

Simplifying the complexity of the scenario as much as possible, these are the key factors on which it is advisable to have clear ideas:

A – Each of us is composed of a container (body) and a content (mind).

The body is destined to lose value over time, irreparably (aging).

The mind, on the contrary, offers us more possibilities: we can make it lose value or keep it stable, but also make it increase in value, even by a lot. In truth, a slight increase in value is automatic because over time, it increases in value: people are wiser, they accumulate experience, etc.

But the most exciting hinge consists of the fact that it can be cultivated to increase its value and can also be done quickly.

B – There are two stages of adult life:

The working period – during which you will earn money destined first to live, then to save to support future expenses and finally to be set aside for any unforeseen life, especially for the retirement period.

The retirement period – during which money is consumed because there is no income and you will have to live on an income. It is a phase in which costs are increasing due to the decline in health conditions (medicines, specialist visits, accompaniment, etc.).

The state pension does not ensure reassuring or certain solutions, so it is advisable to set aside as much as possible during the work phase to avoid the inevitable lengthening of the average life due to the successes of medicine from becoming a nightmare (longevity risk).

C – Life is only one: one shot. No one has another chance to do better.

If you don’t have enough set aside for retirement age, you can’t make up for it; you have to live a nightmare of old age. So if you don’t want to let yourself live in uncertainty, you have to act now.

Most people understand these things, but unconsciously because they do not take them into account and let themselves live. Instead, the key thing is to become aware of them and to know that by how you combine these key factors, you can exploit them.

An operational reflection

If you don’t want to let yourself live, as the mass of people do, but you want to improve your prospects, you should value the factors that can  potentially enhance:

A – the content (mind) because it is already predisposed to increase in value

B – your entire working period as regards the stages of adult life, because it is already destined to be productive

C – when to act: now, because the situation is of the one-shot type and the more time passes, the more it becomes unchangeable because it tends to crystallize. But also because the more time passes, the less you will have to make it work for free in your favor to increase your Portfolio Income (see the other MPW course)

Awareness is your precious asset.

Now you know more key things than when you started the course; you begin to see a distant light. Awareness is a hidden wealth that everyone can discover; it is a process not to be forced but to be initiated and then supported throughout one’s life.

Good job!

This unconventional course, originally in Italian, has been translated with a machine translation. We adopt this choice in favor of those who, using Artificial Intelligence, work to eliminate the misunderstandings between peoples that linguistic differences have always generated over the centuries. These walls have given rise to endless wars, with pain and suffering on all sides. Conflicts still exist today, but the hope is that technology will soon help humans understand each other. The automatic translators that AI improves every day are the protagonists of this communicative facilitation that helps overcome barriers. The invitation is to use automatic translators to provide additional data to contribute to their improvement process based on “learning by translating”.