Introducing MPW’s

Generation Z WW Project

  • Available for each Continent
  • 1000 scholarships dedicated to Generation Z (worth 864,00 €)
  • Every scholarship includes a free 12 months MPW subscription
  • Empowering Private Welfare high skills
  • Mass adoption on all continents
  • Growing the Private Welfare world ecosystem

Generation Z, the digital natives

In details:

1000 365 days scholarships (worth 864,000 €)
– dedicated to Generation Z
– for each Continents

Disrupting the Gender Gap:
50% woman and 50% man

Are you the right candidate?

MPW for Generation Z is a business-oriented educational training program, completely free (1000 scholarships available for each continent) for 12 months, that enables young people to have a clear 360° view of how to cancel Longevity Risk.


The MPW for Generation Z is addressed to UNDER 26 coming from any educational background.

Create Result

MPW for Generation Z gives tools to identify the best strategies to become aware and to self-protect for the own distant future (learning by doing & viewing)

What happens next?

At the end of the MPW for Generation Z anyone will have a better quality of life because he will know how to cancel his Longevity Risk.

MPW for Generation Z Worldwide Project

1000 scholarship per continent: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia

MPW is building
something exceptional
for Generation Z