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... daily results

You can execute trading operations using your favorite broker platform. See the performance of each suggested strategy over the last 30 calendar days:

New York Stock Exchange – No-Leverage – Intraday – Only 2 operations per day (IN & OUT) – Gross commission – You may change your favourite strategy whenever you want, as well as stop it.


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New York Stock Exchange

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The right information prevents you from remaining poor.


What will you get?


... a trading automated information tool to raise passive income

powered by our exclusive stock algorithm, easily fits traders or non-expert, adapting to their specific needs:

  • if you’re a trader, willing to have statistical success, we can let you save your precious time and avoid spending the whole day in front of a PC
  • if you’re moving your first steps in the financial world, we’ll help you getting confident with trading securely, allowing you to activate a surplus-income channel

... a Daily BEST-STOCKS Algorithmic Bulletin

Every day you receive 4 Bundles of shares (up to 10) on the New York Stock Exchange, potentially profitable for that session, simply with 2 operations (entering 15 minutes after opening and closing 30 minutes before closing). Our algorithm only edits on a statistical basis, indifferently upwards and downwards.

... daily results

You can execute trading operations using your favorite broker platform (we are a medium). See the performance of each suggested strategy over the last 30 calendar days:

New York Stock Exchange – No-Leverage – Intraday – Only 2 operations per day (IN & OUT) – Gross commission – You may change your favourite strategy whenever you want, as well as stop it.

... complete historical data

even though past data does not guarantee future results, you’ll be able to dig into all our historical information in order to better understand our approach. It’s all transparently in your hands


.. all packed in our



Financial Wellness Best Strategies Course

It accompanies you to learn the secrets of the great investors to exploit them whatever the economic resources are.
To overcome financial discrimination that generally penalizes people who do not have significant capital.
It is a simple textual course (learning by viewing) focused on creating the optimal economic conditions to improve your financial well-being.

Subscription info



  • Automated system
  • Trading-loss Alternative Avoider: proprietary method plus daily bundles and historical algorithm data (when stock-exchanges are open). Daily early notification. Also including   access to our “Unconventional Financial-welness Permanent Course”,
  • Minimum required knowledge: the course is suitable for non-experts but even includes advanced features for traders
  • Billing frequency: monthly
  • Activation: payment
  • Deactivation: simply stop your payments
  • Total refund credit each month (for 1 or 2 your friends subscribers as our savings in marketing costs)
  • No fees on the results of your operations
  • All prices include VAT.

Any result shown has historical value only and does not imply any expectation for the future.

We do not believe in any method of making money that is easy, fast, or guaranteed.


What is MPW?

It is a tool to overcome the discrimination created by the different levels of financial knowledge of people that affects their well-being. It consists of a course focused on optimal savings enhancement strategies and the creation of a surplus income by editing a daily Bulletin of profitable stocks valid for day-trading in New York Stock Exchange and an automated system.


What MPW is not?

MPW is learning platform, not a broker nor a trading platform nor a financial consultant.


Who we are

We have decades of math and finance experience. We do research on passive income to increase people’s saving capacity. It is our algorithm that generates the daily bundles.


What do we do

The course immediately gives you an economic advantage because you receive the information of the daily Bulletin extracted from our algorithm exclusively on a mathematical basis. With this information, from the first day, you can activate an automated income surplus channel for your objectives. Trading with ease through your favourite broker, only 2 operations per day (entry/exit). In addition to “learning by viewing” your operations, the course introduces you to the best strategies to acquire the most suitable vision to optimize your financial well-being. Our approach eases the learning curve for newbies even though our data analysis guide is based on sophisticated algorithms, usually suited for trading experts.


Our transparency

Every day we publish results of the previous day (which are public data available everywhere). We also post the (algebraic) sum of our results for the last 30 days. The whole history of our daily bundles is available for backward analysis and transparency, even if it’s clear that past data doesn’t make any insurance for future results.


Further details

Stocks are taken from the New York Stock Exchange. No trading leverage is supposed to be used.

Ready to go?


Please carefully read this important information before entering this website. It contains legal and regulatory notices relevant to the information contained in this website. See and accept Terms & conditions and Privacy policy, too. MPW and My Private Welfare provide a learning platform by viewing. MPW and My Private Welfare are trademarks, and our goal is to use mathematics in finance to benefit the excluded for lack of competence and time. We operate in the field of research and analysis of the dynamic behavior of the stock exchange. Our algorithm (our intellectual property) is just a technical tool to facilitate lifelong learning. The subscription entitles you to have access to the data generated by the algorithm: daily bundles with up to 10 actions worthy of interest only for that day and liquidate in the evening, to learn by observing their behaviour and get ideas for further information. Each user is free to evaluate whether the data is worthy of attention and can use it as he deems most convenient for himself. To avoid discrimination against non-professionals and those who do not have time, our platform allows you to automate the transmission of data to the user’s broker.

Past Performances
Any result shown (gross of taxation) has historical value only and does not imply any expectation for the future.

Warranties and limitations of liability
You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations, or guarantees whatsoever to you about future results or that you will earn any money and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You must obtain advice on taxes from a tax professional, the same about investment from a qualified expert. It would be best if you got business formation and legal from a legal professional. We take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories.
There is no relationship with incentives or proposals for network marketing activities, Ponzi schemes, or pyramid schemes. Each subscriber has no organizational or hierarchical relationship with others. We operate in the conviction of the importance of learning day after day by viewing, of investing for personal objectives, strategic planning, and proper diversification.

Investment disclaimer
This platform does not offer collection, advice, or asset management, reserved for licensed professionals only. You accept that we are not financial, tax, or legal professionals but trainers. As the platform is for educational purposes, we recommend a maximum investment of € 100 in Europe and $ 100 in the rest of the world. We do not believe in any method of making money that is easy, fast, or guaranteed. You must consult a professional for advice on these topics. We make absolutely no guarantee of success, monetary or otherwise. We take no responsibility for any time or money spent concerning this subscription, products, advertising, our assistance, or otherwise.

Money Security
Algo4Stocks, MPW’s passive income tool, is structured in such a way as to never have knowledge of the money in your broker wallet. Its activity is strictly constrained: every day it passes the inputs, related to the strategy chosen by the subscriber, to the broker (via the linking platform or the Metatrader integration). This is required in order to achieve an equal division between the titles of the day.

Fair use and confidentiality
Only one person may access the platform. If we verify that a subscriber allows others to use his account to access the platform, we will remove that person without a refund. You may not share this information with others; we will terminate without a refund, who shares news anywhere else. The same applies if a subscriber brings damage of any kind, direct or indirect, to the platform, My Private Welfare, MPW or its founders. This also includes the economic claim for damages. Results may vary. You accept that although you follow this platform, you may not receive the results desired. We are not responsible for your well-being or your income. Please be aware of this and accept it.

No guarantee on execution
We allow data exchange between our platform and third parties, mainly related to automating the trading flow. Since the execution of trading is carried out by third party platforms, we cannot be held responsible for the proper execution for trading operations. We just ensure our data is properly made available for exchange.


We use a day trading approach, it constraints operation to a single market day, so giving back money at market close time and letting the subscriber decide whether to keep investing or just pause. The algorithm is focused on day-trading so to value its potential with the chosen titles. On the other hand, we use S&P500 index for benchmarking purposes, on which, obviously our algorithm doesn’t invest. This may lead to different results than the ones achieved by a multiday trading