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Link MPW’s data to a real operation, using M8R

I’ts easy as 1-2-3.

You just need a MPW subscription,

a free  M8R account

and a account with a broker platform suitable to M8R.

We have already prepared a ready-to-use applet

You’ll find a ready to use applet
suitable to seamlessly integrate MPW data provider
to Alpaca broker


What will you get in 30 days?


... a Daily BEST STOCKS Algorithmic Bulletin

Every day you receive 4 Bundles of shares (up to 10) on the New York Stock Exchange, potentially profitable for that session, simply with 2 operations (opening and closing). Our algorithm only edits on a statistical basis, indifferently upwards and downwards.

... a fully-automated (third party) trading tool

powered by our exclusive stock algorithm, suitable for everyone and fully automatic, adapting to your specific needs:

  • if you’re a trader, willing to have statistical success, we can let you save your precious time and avoid spending the whole day in front of a PC
  • if you’re moving your first steps in the financial world, we’ll help you getting confident with trading securely, allowing you to activate a surplus-income channel, whitout having to spend time. 

... daily results

See NO Leverage Bundles Performance over the last 30 calendar days:

New York Stock Exchange – No-Leverage – Intraday – Gross commission – You may change your favourite strategy whenever you want, as well as stop it.

... complete historical data

even though past data does not guarantee future results, you’ll be able to dig into all our historical information in order to better understand our approach. It’s all transparently in your hands


.. all packed in our

everyone-suitable multipurpose…

Mindset & Gains Strategic Course

Active Income

It accompanies you to learn the secrets to maximize your earnings from work related to your skills and experiences.
Often people with the same skills have very different earnings. It would help if you had the maximum possible for yourself.

Financial-Wellness Best Strategies Course

Portfolio Income

It accompanies you to learn the secrets of the great investors to exploit them whatever the economic resources are.
To overcome financial discrimination that generally penalizes people who do not have significant capital.

These are two simple textual courses (learning by watching) suitable for anyone, continuously updated and usable with the times and in the ways each chooses. Very essential to reduce learning times and structure to be the starting point for the in-depth studies that everyone will want to do, even with trusted structures and professionals that they will choose.

The successes of medicine lengthen life; it is at the same time a remarkable achievement, but also a significant problem because the Longevity Risk will be transferred more and more to the individual level. Longer life does not mean Good life.



Governments have no means to deal with it. People are generally unaware that they have an individual longevity risk = not having enough money to avoid a nightmare life in their retirement years.

The WEF World Economic Forum has long argued that lifespan extension is the financial equivalent of climate change.
Everyone should become aware of the scenario and defuse the personal risk of a nightmare old age by increasing provisions during the working age.

Often, however, the income is not sufficient; to do this, you need to boost your income to set aside more. But there are no conditions and there is a lack of know-how to increase revenue.

MPW is focused on the topic to provide tools suitable for anyone to have the solution. The subscription indicates that the mission accompanies subscribers towards the goal over time.

Your Advantages


  1. every night you are liquid
  2. every day you are free to stop autorun
  3. you can place a stop loss on your account of your trusted broker
  4. you don't have to stand in front of the pc
  5. whatever the market train you have the right strategy (UP or DOWN)
  6. you always have a clear understanding of the reckord performance track of the strategies
  7. you can change your strategy even every day
  8. you get Transparency because performances are public and verifiable
  9. you get Uniformity because performances are the same for all subscribers
  10. you are finally a person free from anxiety and fear
  11. you have new income and resources to enhance your Financial Wellness and have the right to choose between:
    a. increase your spending power today
    b. activate a virtuous process for your future peace of mind:
  12. set aside a reserve for any unforeseen events
  13. set aside for when you will be forced to live on an annuity in retirement age
  14. for those who have children, set aside to ensure that they complete their studies

Build your secure future

MPW accompanies you to strengthen your financial culture to be more in control of your economic future, the one that makes you sleep peacefully.

Your 30-days-for-free Info


  • Initial reception of the simple procedures to have the maximum satisfaction from the test suitable for anyone.
  • Access to the daily bulletin
  • Access to full automation to get the results
  • Access to the incipits of the chapters of the two courses
  • Access to the blog
  • Registration as a Guest to receive updates and information.

Any result shown has historical value only and does not imply any expectation for the future.

We do not believe in any method of making money that is easy, fast, or guaranteed.


 What is MPW?

It is a tool to overcome the discrimination created by the different levels of financial knowledge of people that affects their well-being. It consists of 3 tools, suitable for everyone, focused on building a solid future:
1 – create surplus income (passive income) through ours
Profitable Stock Daily Bulletin valid for day trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Third-party platforms fully automate it.
2 – A course to maximize working income (active income).
3 – A course with the best strategies for Financial-Wellness (portfolio income).


What MPW is not?

MPW is learning platform, not a broker nor a trading platform nor a financial consultant.


Who we are

We have decades of math and finance experience. We do research. It is our algorithm that generates the daily bundles.


What do we do

Our tools immediately give you an economic advantage because you receive the information of the daily Bulletin extracted from our algorithm exclusively on a mathematical basis. With this information, from the first day, you can activate an income surplus channel for your objectives. The full trading execution through your favourite broker. In addition to “learning by viewing” your operations, the courses introduces you to the best strategies to maximize your working income and acquire the most suitable vision to optimize your financial well-being. Our approach eases the learning curve for newbies even though our data analysis guide is based on sophisticated algorithms, usually suited for trading experts.


Our transparency

Every day we publish results of the previous day (which are public data available everywhere). We also post the (algebraic) sum of our results for the last 30 days. The whole history of our daily bundles is available for backward analysis and transparency, even if it’s clear that past data doesn’t make any insurance for future results.


Further details

Stocks are taken from the New York Stock Exchange. No trading leverage is supposed to be used.


You need to have more income to be able to set aside more. 

Know how it is convenient for you to do
and what are the most valuable strategies for you,
without risk, nor time to devote.


We accompany you over time
to let you know how to
set aside for the distant future of retirement
when you will have to live on income for many years.

Because life gets longer and if you don’t prepare yourself,
could become nightmare years,
because you lack the resources to cope with the rising costs of that stage of life.

Ready to go?

Did you know? More help to you!


Now you can automate your beloved to-day APPLICATION:


- if you are an expert - by the MetaTrader4 integration* to get the execution with your preferred broker



- if you are a beginner - by the platform M8R* to get the execution with your broker Alpaca. In this case you must have:

Alpaca account (free)

Alpaca is the next-generation broker. It features a commissin free API, and a developer friendly environment. We’re going to use Alpaca’s connections on M8R in order to make a real experience out of MPW’s data

Activation quickstart

Use a specific M8R template to easily automate your daily operations!
We at MPW already prepared all the necessary automations you an run on M8R in order to automate operations on MPW's suggested symbols. You'll find a few 'Template' available on M8R for you to use.

1. Register and login on M8R

You'll need a valid email.

After your registration, you'll have to verify your email before logging in for the first time.

2. Click this applet to start

In the page that will open, start the automation configuration using the COPY AND USE button (when logged in) or LOGIN TO START USING IT (when not logged yet).

3. Insert your credentials in order to read data from MPW

- API Key: use your username
- API Secret: generate a  Application Password

You just need to use your data or create them once forever

4. Insert your credentials in order operate through your broker (e.g. Alpaca)

Your credentials are generated by your broker, you can find them in your dashboard

Click on the VIEW button in order to view or regenerate your credentials

When you choose to regenerate your keys, you'll see the secret

Populate your M8R form:
- API Key: use Alpaca's API Key ID
- API Secret: use Alpaca's Secret Key


5. Enable your automation!

Go back to your M8R dashboard and turn on the ENABLED switch on your automation

6. Enjoy! Your work is done

Now you can spend your time on the things you love.

Later, when you want to change MPW strategy:

Open your M8R dashboard  and modify automation configuration

Later, when you want to disable the automation:

Open your M8R dashboard and disable applets

What about my data?

M8R will ask you  act as a delegate through MPW and the broker (Alpaca or others). You'll not share you credential with M8R just a authorization token you can invalidate whenever you want. This authorization is accomplished leveranging state of the art security protocols and encryption mechanisms.



Please read this important information carefully before entering this website. It contains legal and regulatory notices relating to the information on this website. By accessing the site, you accept this text, the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy, so read everything carefully. We publish platforms for didactic purposes with a plurality of learning models. MPW and My Private Welfare are registered trademarks.

You acknowledge that we research and provide application models that users can exploit. Also note that our research starts from the consideration that most people had a social deficit between the ages of 0 and 25, which, with varying degrees, caused them to lack the know-how that would have been useful today to get more income. It is a cultural discrimination that we strive to counter by providing awareness and operational tools for general use.
We focused the field of our action on the problems caused by the lengthening of life, the Longevity Risk, on how they are reflected on the single individual in his first half of the working phase. And on what possible contrasting actions we can take in place for the distant future, but at the same time, effective in raising the quality of life in the present time (concerning the characteristics of the single individual) and in guarding against foreseeable, unforeseen events. We also research the valuable tools that are ready-to-use and suitable for everyone.

Warranties and Limitations of Liability
You acknowledge and agree that we have made no implications, guarantees, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees of any kind about future results or that you will earn any money, and that we have not authorized any such projections, promises or representations from others. We have reminded you that it is necessary to obtain tax advice from a tax professional, the same for investments from a qualified expert, and legal aspects from a legal adviser. We assume no responsibility for any information you provide that falls into these categories.
There is no relationship with incentives or offers of network marketing activities, Ponzi schemes, or pyramid schemes. Each subscriber has no organizational or hierarchical relationship with the others.

Investment Disclaimer
You acknowledge and accept that this platform does not offer collection, advice, or asset management, reserved only for qualified professionals. You accept that we are not financial, tax, or legal professionals but trainers. We do not believe in any method, nor do we lead to believe that making money is easy, fast, or guaranteed. You should consult a professional for advice on these matters. We provide absolutely no guarantees of success, monetary or otherwise. We assume no responsibility for the time or money spent on this membership, products, advertising, support, or otherwise.

Fair use and confidentiality
Only one person can access the platform. If we verify that a member allows others to use their account to access the platform, we will remove that person without refund. You may not share this information with others; we will terminate without refund those who shares news elsewhere. The same applies if a subscriber causes the damage of any kind, direct or indirect, to the platform, MPW, and My Private Welfare or its founders. This also includes the financial claim for damages.

Results may vary from person to person due to many factors. You agree that although you follow this platform, you may not receive the desired results. We are not responsible for your well-being or income. Please be aware of this and accept it.

In identifying valuable tools, we also operate in the field of research and analysis of the dynamic behavior of the stock exchange. We have created an algorithm (our intellectual property) as a technical tool to facilitate learning. Its function is to report up to 10 potentially profitable New York Stock Exchange stocks daily on the same trading day as the forecast. Each user can evaluate whether these data are worthy of attention and use them as he deems most convenient. To avoid discrimination against the least competent in the field and those who don’t have time, our platform allows to automate data transmission to the user’s broker daily.

Past results
Any results shown (gross of taxes) have historical value only and do not imply any expectations for the future.

Money security
In any case, we limit ourselves to extracting signals; we never know what use the user can make of them, nor information (consistency and movements) on his account at his trusted broker. We just make our data available to the broker (through the connecting platform or Metatrader integration, never indicating the quantities other than splitting them into equal parts).

No performance guarantees
We allow data exchange between our platform and third parties, mainly concerning the automation of the trading flow. As third-party platforms do the trading execution, we cannot be held responsible for the proper execution of the trades. We only ensure that our data is adequately made available for exchange. We always remain unaware of the use made of it in the execution, even if it is done.

We publish all our data/results in real time. They refer to day trading with transactions that last a maximum of 6 hours, in the model that assumes intervention at opening and exit at closing, with reliquidation of the investment. In our research, our algorithm is focused on day trading, and we compare it to the S&P500 index for benchmarking purposes. Our model has no relationship with traditional or systematic day trading, nor with multiday trading and therefore, the results can also be very different.