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our Bulletin

We publish a NYSE Daytrading Best-Stocks BULLETIN every day, allowing you to deal with the investment unconventionally, with the certainty of always being liquid at the end of each session.
The Bulletin is published 5 minutes after the exchange’s opening, with up to 10 potentially profitable stocks for that day. It requires only 1 transaction, at the time of publication of the Bulletin, with the closing of the transaction 30 minutes before the end of the session. The use of financial leverage is not envisaged.


our Automation

To exploit the Bulletin data in real-time, we have defined an integration for Metatrader (4 and 5). MPW plans to make the data used in any format that is useful to the Institutional.


our Mission

Identify unconventional alternatives, easy to use, to operate in an extraordinarily complex world such as trading—unsophisticated ways but practical and for everyone. 


How MPW Research works

Our bulletin identifies the sessions’ stocks every day without human intervention and considers only mathematical aspects, excluding rumors, trends and forecasts.

MPW Research challenge is about producing everyday evidence that even trading machines supersede humans. Our algorithm achieves a 60% and 80% success ratio on trading days.

Our algorithm was designed in 2020, coded, tested and finetuned until Sept 2021. From this date we began a long validation process, whose excellent results are shown in the chart below. Every point represents the algebraic sum of performances in the last 90 days.


Performance graph

resources and support

Helping you outperform and deliver value to clients.

Our research goes on, in order to further improve the algorithm success ratio.

Hystorical data are made available on this site so you can study them throuughly.
Every day we publish yesterday’s data.


Our tech team is looking forward to answer your question, listen to your requests, help you improve the way you want to use our Bulletin data.

Our roadmap moves toward adding support for the major world stock exchanges. We’re open to supporting you in speeding up the Exchange you’re most interested in working with.